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Below are links to other information that may be of use:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Emission Factors, AP-42. External Combustion Sources

U.S. Census Bureau, American Housing Survey, National Data

U.S. Census Bureau, American Housing Survey, Selected Metropolitan Areas

Energy Information Administration, Department of Energy, Residential Energy Consumption Survey – Home Energy Uses and Costs

U.S. Census Bureau, Characteristics of New Housing

Energy Information Administration, Department of Energy, Annual Energy Outlook with Projections 2006

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Phyllis, Database for Biomass and Waste

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - List of Certified Wood Stoves

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association

Hearth & Home Journal

Pellet Fuels Institute

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - CFR Promulgated Test Methods (TM)

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc.

Selected Wood-Burning Regulations and Ordinances

BAAQMD Model Woodsmoke Ordinance

Maricopa County Residential Woodburning Restriction Ordinance

San Joaquin Valley APCD Rule 4901

Placer County Rule 225

State of Washington Chapters 173-433 WAC

Various California Ordinances (see page 12 of handbook)

State of Colorado Regulation No. 4 Concerning the Sale and Installation of Wood-Burning Appliances and the Use of Certain Wood-Burning Appliances during High Pollution Days

City of Aspen and Pitkin County Colorado Fireplace & Woodstove Registration

City of Fort Collins ColoradoWood Smoke Program Review

Lincoln County, Montana Subchapter 2:  Solid Fuel Burning Device Regulations

Missoula, Montana Chapter 9 – Solid Fuel Burning Devices

State of Oregon

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