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Product Research and Development

OMNI assists clients in the development of novel and innovative products for use as fuels, fuel additives, heating appliances, accessories to fuel combustion equipment, air emission control equipment, and air emission measurement instrumentation. Background research is conducted prior to the manufacture of prototypes utilizing OMNI’s extensive library of technical reports and publications as well as contacts with experts in industrial and regulatory positions, acquired from over 27 years of business. In many cases, OMNI’s, design, shop and laboratory facilities are adequate to permit manufacture of bench-scale or prototype products. In other cases, contract facilities, with which OMNI has developed working relationships, are used in the manufacturing of prototypes, these include overseas facilities that offer cost advantages. Once prototypes are developed, testing is generally conducted in OMNI’s combustion laboratory. Product research and development services can include:

OMNI's R & D services include:

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